Builder’s Club

Posted by 3Rhino on June 26, 2013

In the construction industry, you know you’ve made it when you’ve been admitted to Builder’s Club. 3Rhino feels privileged to have forged a strong strategic alliance with Builder’s club - the results promise to be exciting. Stay tuned for further developments. In the mean time, read through the article below from Builder’s Club News announcing the launch of 3Rhino Contractor Software.

The Perfekt Match

Posted by 3Rhino on June 26, 2013

From the very beginning of our enterprise, 3Rhino recognized that one of the keys to our success would be to form strategic alliances with other significant players in the construction industry that provide complimentary products or services to our software. We wanted to create synergies that would redouble the value provided to our clientele. To achieve this, 3Rhino found the perfect partner in Perfekt Construction Lien Management.

Perfekt is a family-run business owned by Keith Estenson, who has built an impeccable reputation for serving the lien management needs of contractors in the Midwest. As a former builder himself, Keith understands the construction industry and the needs of the contractors who make up that industry.

In addition to Perfekt’s inside knowledge of the construction industry and their dedication to service, they also developed a computerized methodology for handling the complexities of lien management. Thus, it was easy for Perfekt to grasp what a powerful tool 3Rhino Software would be for contractors.

What makes Perfekt an even more perfect match for 3Rhino is that Perfekt is also in the process of launching Keith’s long-held vision of becoming a nation-wide Contractor Concierge Consulting firm. They will now be offering an array of business services to contractors. To better convey their new mission, they have rebranded themselves: Perfekt: Construction Business Solutions.

With our sights set on similar goals for serving the needs of the contractors who build our homes and our cities, 3Rhino and Perfekt have entered into a formal Strategic Partnership. 3Rhino will be adding Perfekt’s technology to our platform and Perfekt will become the sales arm of 3Rhino.

To sum up the synergies we see resulting from this partnership, Keith said it best: “Our goal, in the end, is to revolutionize the world of construction and improve the lives of those that work in it.”