IT Technology has transformed the workplace, and can now transform your jobsite.

3Rhino was formed with the mission of providing contractors with a comprehensive tool to streamline their business and help them compete in the digital economy.

We understand that the needs of construction professionals are different than those of other businesses, and so designed our product with those specific needs in mind.

From tracking leads, to creating estimates, to managing projects, to invoicing, we provide you with a contractor-friendly tool that seamlessly integrates each phase of your business cycle.

Estimate Jobs Quickly and Collaboratively

3Rhino provides you with customizable estimating and bidding features that can be tailored to your specific project type. Enter the information on-site, and our system will do the number crunching for you, creating a professionally branded estimate in the field that you can send electronically ASAP.

Customer Collaboration

Customers are more engaged in building projects than ever. 3Rhino’s Customer Log-in Tab allows them to check on project progress on your 3Rhino account. Using our system can minimize misunderstandings, keep the customer apprised on the status of each phase project, gives them opportunity to post questions, and allows you to manage their expectations.

Organize the Entire Project

3Rhino’s Integrated Project Management features will turn your company into a smooth-running, fine-tuned machine. Track purchase orders, work, orders, and change orders to keep the project moving forward and on schedule.

Approval Process

3Rhino’s 2-step Approval process ensures that when a project goes into production, it will be an error free. All contracts, work orders, and purchase orders that are generated by your sales or field staff are electronically submitted to an authorized manager for review and approval. By automating this process, our system also eliminates unnecessary bottlenecks caused by the shuffle of paperwork.

Travels with you

Constantly pulled between the demands of the job site and the demands of the office? Now you can be two places at once. 3Rhino is entirely cloud-based, so the information you need – whether you’re at your desktop, laptop, iPad, or smart phone - is always at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere.